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What will your project cost? The square foot method, which provides an estimate of the cost of the project per square foot, works best for larger projects. Industry standards range from $100 per sq. ft for entry level to $500 per sq. ft. or more for high end projects. Every project is different. Most projects are designed based on your budget and the level of fit and finish you desire. A good Designer and or Architect as well as a General Contractor are the keys to successful project that meets your needs.

Smaller projects such as kitchens, baths, and decks vary significantly and must be bid per each project's needs and specifications. It may be helpful to refer to Remodeling Magazine's average yearly cost versus value for the greater Seattle area as well as nation wide.

For an actual bid, please call All-ways Building at 360-805-6539.

Value and Benefits

Your home has been the safest place to invest over the years and continues to be today. Unlike other investments, when you invest in a remodel you benefit from your investment every day with a higher quality of life. Keeping a home maintained and up to date with tasteful remodeling not only increases the value of the home, it makes it more usable and comfortable for you to enjoy. If the need to sell the home arises, a maintained, up-dated home will sell faster and command a higher sales price then a home that is out dated and in need of repair.

Bids and Estimates

All-ways Building will provide a set bid or do projects on a time and material basis with an agreed upon budget estimate and overall cost cap.

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Time & Material

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For most people, your own bank or mortgage company may be the best place to secure financing for your remodeling project. For an additional source we recommend Fortune Bank. Please see, fortunebankwa.com or call 206 624-5700.

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